December 6th, 2005

New Three Kids

Year summary meme.

Take the first sentence from the first entry for each month.

I only started this LJ in May so here goes:

May: After some tearful goodbyes to friends and teachers, my three kids are now home for the summer.
June: We are now home from our RV trip.
July: Ok, I am not particularly squeamish about bugs.
Aug: I have had lots of things to write about lately, I just don't get to sit and type at the computer much anymore.
Sept: How come it's so hard to get babies to eat food yet they'll gladly eat a napkin?
Oct: Tracy asked me the other day if we could get spinners.
Nov: Last weekend was another weekend where we had tons of things going on.
Dec: Friday Andrew came down to get ready for school and said he was sick.

Well, that was a fun trip down memory lane. I think I could have done without the foot long centipede entry :)
New Three Kids


Ok, a bunch of people are playing with the rasterbator so I decided to join the bandwagon.  And what better to make a huge picture of than a babyhead.  I mean a giant babyhead can't be beat.  Here's the result....  A giant babyhead PLUS a baby!!!