September 25th, 2005

New Three Kids


This afternoon we were looking for something to do so we went to the Spirit Halloween store. I know its kind of early for Halloween stuff, but hey, normally the kids and I are picking through the leftover messes at the stores the week before, so this time we went early. We had a blast at this store. They have creepy scary stuff all over the store like bodies that are cut in half dragging themselves around the store with their arms, zombies with severed heads talking to you, various other zombies and skeletons and severed body parts, bats, rats, spiders, etc and all the staff are in full costume. It was a hoot. The kids were actually scared of some of the things and other things they thought were funny. They did go ahead and pick out costumes and then after we got home they had fun playing in them. I am sure they will get good use before and after halloween just as play clothes.

Andrew picked the red Power Ranger and Tracy picked the pretty pixie.
Andrew really liked the "muscles" on his costume.  Tracy liked, well, everything on the pixie one.  (she looks cute in it, not skanky like the girl in the picture)
Next time they put them on I'll get pics with them in the costumes.

They also had really awesome adult costumes. I am thinking someone (me?) should throw a halloween party so I can have an excuse to get a costume because I think it would be fun.

HAhahah. I didnt get Loren a costume, maybe I should get this:
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