September 21st, 2005

New Three Kids


So Andrew's teacher called me today to tell me he was in some sort of TAG (Talented and Gifted) enrichment program at his kindergarten. I have never really pushed Andrew academically. He went to a "learning through play" preschool, not an academic preschool, and I only really teach him at home stuff that he is interested in and asks to do, like science projects and stuff. I knew he was prepared for kindergarten, but not super advanced, he still has a long way to go on his reading skills. Basically, I wanted him to just be a kid and not worry about that stuff. Andrew's teacher had to select a few kids from her class to send to this enrichment program. She nominated him for the TAG because he was interested in learning, pays attention well, focuses on school well, and seems very sharp. I guess that is what they look for in the kindergarteners for the gifted programs. I am not sure what he actually does she just says he goes to some other teacher for 30-45 minutes usually on mondays and tuesdays.

So anyway, I always kind of figured Andrew was pretty smart, but I never looked into that sort of thing because I didnt want to push him, just figured I'd let him go and whatever happened would happen. He really does LOVE learning and school so I hope this will be a great thing for him.