September 16th, 2005

New Three Kids

Important Milestones.

Andrew has mild allergies. Nothing bad but enough to make him cough up just a little bit of phlegm in the morning. Nothin unusual. Normally he'll cough it up and spit it in the sink or whatever. Well this morning we are riding our bikes and we're around half way to school and he coughs up a little and spits it on the ground. He turns to me and in an excited voice says, "Hey Mom! That's the first time I have spit on the road while riding my bike!"

Wow, what a proud moment, it brought a tear to my eye. My little boy is growing up.
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New Three Kids

Family Portraits

At school both of the kids did art projects where they had to draw their family members. I think young kids' drawings are so cute so I took some pictures of them, I also really liked that they had drawn our family.

First Andrew made a book of his family, here are the pages. On this one I love the scale of the people. Loren is really tiny, Mike goes off the top of the page. Andrew knows Tracy loves and wears purple a lot.

Tracy made a house at school and drew our family inside. Remember she is only 3 :) Most of the people have heads, arms and legs, though the arms kind of come off the legs and the eyes are large. Loren has tiny legs and arms and large fingers that dwarf the rest of her body. Anyhow, I love kid drawings, its just cool to see them learning to draw things.

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