August 29th, 2005

New Three Kids

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend full of family fun. Mike flew home from San Jose friday and was supposed to meet us at the Express game. His flight got in early so he came home and we all got to go to the game together. The whole family had a great time as usual, Express ended up winning in overtime when Carlos Rivera hit a homer in the bottom of the tenth inning. Then there were fireworks which are always impressive.

Andrew had seen my pics of the girls at Brushy Creek Lake Park and was sad that he didnt get to go since he was at school.  So Saturday the whole family went back to the park and the splash pad.  All three kids and mom and dad had a blast playing in the sprinklers and sprayers.  Andrew and Tracy also played in the sandbox (volleyball pits)  down by the lake.  It was a very relaxing pleasant day. 

After cleaning up at home we headed out for the evening.  We stopped by Fry's for a few items grabbed some dinner and headed out to Walburg Biergarten for a party with a bunch of our friends.  It was great fun, the kids ran around and played, we talked and danced and drank Spaten with our friends.  Parents and kids did a crazy chicken dance and Mike and I even got in a romantic slow dance when the band played a cover of our first wedding dance song (Angel Eyes, Jeff Healey).  The dance was interrupted part way through by Andrew which just made us chuckle and realize how much life has changed since we first danced to that song years ago.  The Walburg Boys band was alternating with another band with two female lead singers that was slightly more country than the boys but were enjoyable.  We all had fun and the kids crashed on the way home after a long day.

Sunday we got up and mostly relaxed in the morning.  Then we made a Sams run for a few things.  After we came home my parents stopped by for a visit.  They just got back from their annual month long road trip around the country visiting family and friends so they wanted to stop by and see us and the kids.   After that we tried to take a family nap, because we knew we were going to be up late and all have to get up early monday.

Andrew had school monday, Tracy was starting her first day of preschool, Mike was flying back to San Jose at 6am, so we all had to get up early monday but we couldnt miss the last Express home game of the season and fan appreciation night at the ballpark!!   We decided just this once we would all suck it up and have a tired monday.  I was so glad we went instead of skipping it.  We all had a wonderful time at the baseball game.  The weather was somewhat cooler (relative to other nights) with a slight breeze.  The kids got to meet SpongeBob Squarepants! I guess that's exciting.  The game was going alright, but we were losing 1-3, then in the 8th inning Gipson and Conrad got hits and got on base and then Luke Scott nailed one outta the park to bring em all home for a 4-3 lead.  Then in the top of the 9th it was a little nerve wracking until a double play ended the game for a fun end to a home season of Express baseball.  The game was followed by the Express delivering on their promise of the biggest and best fireworks show ever at the diamond.  It was full of constant giant beautiful fireworks and seemed like it was never going to end, which when it did was in a blaze of exploding glory.  

Before the fireworks they played a little video montage to some music of memories from the games this season.  It was really sweet and they had lots of great footage of people just having a happy fun time at the diamond.  I was just watching it thinking how much fun our family has out there and stuff when I hear some whimpering from behind me.  Andrew was sobbing, the sweet video had made him sad to think that this was the last game.  We promised him we'd come back next year and have some more fun.  :)   After the fireworks  they let the kids run the bases and Andrew was just desperate to get to do that so him and Tracy went down to run around the bases.  Eventually we made it home and got the kids to bed before midnite (!!)

Andrew had his camera all weekend and took lots of pictures.  This afternoon I will look through them and make a weekend picture post.
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New Three Kids

Tracy's First Day back

Today was Tracy's first day back to preschool. She has been going to the same preschool for two years and this is the start of her third year. She really likes the school but for the first two years, nearly every day that I dropped her off I had to pry her out of my arms and her teacher had to come over and lead her away. She just didnt like the transition of being dropped off. She would get over it after a few minutes and have a great day, but it was still hard sometimes when I couldnt ever just drop her off in the classroom without help.

I was prepared for anything today. She's been with me all summer and Andrew is off at the elementary school, not the same school as her anymore and I didnt know if any of those things would make it worse.

I ride her up to the school and we get out and go to her classroom. We hang up her backpack and find her a seat at the table where there's a puzzle to do. I tell her that I am going to go and that I'll pick her up later. She says "OK." and turns towards the puzzle. I give her a hug and kiss and walk out the door. I have to say for all the things I was prepared for, this was the one I was least prepared for :) I hope that it wasnt just a fluke thing and that she will be this easy the rest of the year. I think Tracy may just be pulling out of her social anxiety phase. Yay!

Obligatory first day of school pic:

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