August 3rd, 2005

New Three Kids


I have had lots of things to write about lately, I just don't get to sit and type at the computer much anymore. Loren is in a "hold me all the time but I must do gymnastics while you hold me" phase that is really giving my arms a workout. I used to hold her and email/chat/lj etc but now she yanks the keyboard off the desk or kicks it out of my hands if I try to type while I hold her. Well, one day in desperation after not being able to get anything done including getting something to eat, I finally bought Loren a shiny new exersaucer. I really didnt want another giant chunk of obnoxious looking plastic crap in my house, but she seems to like it pretty well. At least giving me a few minutes to whip up a quick dinner.

New Three Kids

Bored so I thought I'd do the google name game...

Googled "Becky is" Copied and pasted from first 10 responses on results page:

1. Becky is quoted in Parade Magazine! ... Becky is also a wiz with kids!
2. Becky is the first and only person you will speak with concerning your project... Becky is the one who professionally installs your seamless guttering.
3. Becky is an Accredited Buyer
4. what is it that Becky is guilty of?
Yeah, I know this one violates the starts with "Becky is" but it made me laugh anyway. :)
5. Becky is out of the way
6. Becky is never seen in public without her trademark 8-ball
7. Becky is Back
8. Becky is UBER stressed. Wicked. Busy.
9. 'Becky' is a wonderful choice to be grown as a specimen or en masse
10. becky is out!

Some of these were dead on. I dont actually install gutters, though I could use some new ones on my house, maybe I should call Becky.
I've never considered growing myself en masse, but hey.

Edit: Just for the heck of it I did another search on "Rebecca is" after the Becky one and it was not nearly as interesting. Many of the entries talked about how Rebecca is a gothic romance novel by Daphne du Maurier. I actually really enjoyed that book, but don't want any of the descriptions of "that" Rebecca character in my list. She was a pretentious evil bitch. Ahhh "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again"

another edit: I also saw the movie a while after I read the book. (The original Hitchcock version, it has been made many times) I thought it was pretty good but I might have been biased because I love Laurence Olivier.
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