July 2nd, 2005

New Three Kids


I havent even gone to sleep yet and I am already having nightmares.

I love going to Express baseball games. My family and I have lots of fun. We hang out, watch parts of the game, talk and play, eat ice cream and peanuts, just generally have a good time with the family. We have been going for three or four years now with the fireworks plus package of season tickets and kind of know the people who sit around us who are also regulars and its just a relaxing thing to do friday evenings.

Tonight, Andrew was sitting to my right, Tracy was sitting in front of me, next to my mother in law. Loren wasnt at the seats as my brother in law Tony had taken her for a walk. There was a family of people sitting two seats to my left, its a family we see all the time. A line drive foul ball came our direction. I saw it just as it whizzed by me into the face of the child sitting two seats to my left.

You can skip the rest. I just have to get it out because I am still a little shakey and cant get to sleep and have no one to talk to.

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