June 14th, 2005

New Three Kids

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I have a ton of yard work I would like to do. When I play outside in the yard with the kids I mentally come up with all sorts of areas I want to clean out and things like that. I tried to do a little bit today but Loren got upset and hot on her playmat outside. I did get the deck cleaned off thanks to my new leaf blower. It took care of oak pollen doodads and live oak leaves and pebbles and mud and even some kids toys all in one big swipe, it was amazing. My old leaf blower was not this strong or easy to use and this is a cheapo electric one.

Loren seems mostly cooled off, maybe I will head back out to try and begin a little clean up on one corner bed in the backyard. Everything is so overgrown and crazy like a big jungle and I cant get to anything. There is one other big bed area that I want to clear out except for the trees and bushes and put my kids' sandbox and pool in it. That way those dont go on the lawn and are in nice shady spots. I also need to weed the back bed that is over grown with those stupid weeds with the little velcro balls on them that stick all over you and the dog. And weed the playscape. Ack, sometimes I just want to plow the whole backyard and start over. Anyone want some jasmine ground cover plants or nandina bushes? I think they both are taking over my whole yard.