May 28th, 2005

New Three Kids

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We survived the week with no school and Dad out of town. It actually went quite well with just one frustrating episode on wednesday. Thursday I took the kids out to my parents and they went swimming in the lake and had a good time. Friday we hung out until the afternoon and Daddy called and he was back in town :) We hooked up for lunch at Rockin' Tomato buffet, a family favorite.

Friday night we had two activities, a party to go to and a baseball game. We went to the party which was at my inlaws house and the kids had a great time swimming in the pool for a long time. We also had fun because our friend Monica was there and she works for SBC and she is in one of the latest SBC commercials. We kept watching the commercial over and over on the DVR and then my father in law printed a bunch of pictures of her and we all asked for her autograph on them. It was hilarious. After we ate some yummy barbeque, Mike and I left the older kids and snuck off to the baseball game for the last two innings and fireworks. Unfortunately the Express pretty much sucked it up last night and got their butts kicked. We still had a good time and got to see our friends who sit by us and enjoyed a great fireworks show.

This weekend we are going to go get the RV and bring it to the house and start getting it ready for our RV trip. We are leaving wednesday night and are looking forward to it.
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