May 23rd, 2005

New Three Kids

Fun in the sun.

Most times that the kids and I are going to spend all day together with no real schedule, we try to come up with some activity for the day. Andrew got out his big science kit. Its a box of junk with a big book of all sorts of experiments you can do and the science behind them. We decided to to some of the sun experiments today since we probably would spend the day outside anyway. We heated water to nearly boiling with a parabolic mirror. We powered a small motor with either a propeller or pulley on it using a small solar cell, and then of course reverted to the old favorite. Burning stuff with a magnifying glass. Aww yeah, we burned feathers and paper, melted crayons and candles all in the name of "science" Very educational :)

Tracy wanted to have a picnic in the driveway where we were playing (or burning stuff). I made lunch that consisted of fresh pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, cool whip and some slices of angel food cake. So basically we had dessert for lunch, but hey, no worse than McDonalds, and it all tasted good on a hot summer day.

Our driveway is all very shady thank goodness, but the kids still got hot in the afternoon and eventually Andrew turned on a sprayer that he would periodically ride his bike through to cool off. Then Tracy started riding her bike through it and they said it was their car wash. The funny part is then Tracy asks for an umbrella. She cant find her kids umbrella so Andrew goes and finds two golf umbrellas. Next thing I know the kids are on tricycles (they both have trikes and two wheelers) holding huge umbrellas riding through the sprayer. Heaven forbid they get wet riding their bike through the sprayer. I should have gotten the video camera out, it was hilarious.

Ahhh, today wasn't so bad, maybe we'll survive summer after all.
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