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Skeese Greets my first Tri!

Sunday morning I got up before the crack of dawn and headed down to New Braunfels to race in my first ever triathlon. I am training for the Danskin triathlon which is in about a month but the Skeese Greets triathlon was this weekend and it was a shorter distance that I was pretty confident I could complete easily and I wanted to get over the first time jitters and practice transitions and stuff like that before the big Danskin race so I decided to do it.

I had a total blast. Training with a group of people is so awesome because even though it's an individual sport it's like you have a huge team there with you. I got to rack my bike with all my friends and hang out with them before and after the race. They all did so awesome it was just the neatest thing.

I learned a lot from doing my first race and I am glad I did one before Danskin. I need to position myself better for the swim start, and I can push myself a little harder on the bike and I can still run. I'll actually attempt to do faster transitions. This time I just kind of meandered in and changed and went to the next thing, probably can improve those.

Here are all of my stats.

I finished pretty much in the middle of the pack. Totally fine for me with not much training yet and my first time! I had a great time!

Bib: 282
Overall place: 170/323 finishers
Age group place (35-39): 41/72
Total time: 1:19:54

Swim 300m (I had a rough time in a crowd at the start of this that really slowed me down)
time: 08:48
rank: 162
pace: 2:56/m

T1 3:15

Bike 11 miles (Probably could have gone a little harder, I was scared to burn out for the run)
time: 45:46
rank: 169
pace: 14.4 mph

T2 01:57

Run 2 miles (Dont think I could have improved a whole lot on this in my current shape, I was starting to get tired)
time: 20:07
rank: 163
pace: 10:04 / mile

I might just stick with this sport for a little bit, it seemed so impossible to me and just the fact that I could finish this short one felt great!! I hope to post some pics soon if I get some.

ETA: One of my funny memories was being hungry enough to eat the giant free cheeseburger they were giving away and then realizing I had just eaten a giant cheeseburger at 10am.
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