dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Girl Scout sleepover

Friday May 1 Tracy and I had a Girl Scout Leader/Daughter sleepover. It's a fun activity just for the leaders and daughters as a kind of thank you for being a troop leader. Tracy and I grabbed some sleeping bags and headed out. It was held at a house at a church that you could borrow. We had a delicious potluck dinner and then played all sorts of games, made some swaps crafts, sang songs, and had fun!

Mother and daughter

We played a game called teepees and indians where the kids had to crawl through their parents legs and run around the circle if indians was called and the moms had to run in a circle if teepees was called. Some of those moms were pretty hardcore, taking people out to get to their spot first. It was totally hilarious. I was cracking up so much.

We kept the kids up until midnight with games, songs, and a movie. Then we all crashed. In the morning we had muffins and bagels, cleaned up the house and cruised back home. It was a fun special time to spend with just one of my kids.
Tags: girlscouts, tracy

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