dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Boy Scout campout

April 25th-26th Andrew's Cub Scout pack had a family campout. We packed up the family and our tent and headed out to the Lost Pines Boy Scout camp. Andrew had a rough time the first half due to an allergy induced asthma attack and us not having his inhaler. After finally getting him some meds he started feeling better and we ended up having a great time. There we lots of our close friends all at the campout too which was a lot of fun. There were activities for the boys to do during the day, a delicious dinner of fajitas for the whole pack, a funny campfire where the cubs told jokes and performed skits, spending the night in the tent while it drizzled outside, a nice sunny morning with breakfast, and then we headed home.

Andrew got to try out archery as one of his activities.
Tags: andrew, camping, cubscouts

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