dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

I thought it seemed like a long day.

I'm just going to cut this from the start since it's probably my longest post ever.

6:15am This morning the dog woke me up at 6:15 needing to go to the bathroom. She never does this, normally she sleeps later than us. Weird. I stayed in bed trying to ignore her but then thought of the alternative of not letting her out and decided to get up.

6:30 Got dressed, teeth brushed etc.

6:45-7 Woke up Andrew and Tracy. This usually takes at least 15 minutes. Not to get them up and ready, just to get them awake. We are NOT morning people.

7-7:40 Herded A and T to get dressed, eat, brush hair, get backpacks ready etc and off to school. Told them to buy lunch today since I didnt want to make anything and I knew today the cafeteria had stuff they'd eat.

7:40-8:40 Made Loren's lunch.

Then I made a fruit trifle for the Teacher appreciation luncheon today at A & T's school. Yum. Pudding, angel food cake, fruit, etc. I wanted to eat it.

Got Loren fed and dressed and ready for school.

Fed the dog.

8:40 Drive Loren to school. (On T-Th her school is too far to walk/ride)

9:00 Leave Loren's school and drive like a maniac back to A & T's school.

9:15 Get to A & T's school, drop off Fruit trifle for teacher luncheon. Pick up Andrew from school and leave for his doctor appointment.

9:45 Get to Andrew's doctor appointment.
After consult with allergist he recommends testing and allergy shots and gives some med recommendations.
A lot of those got itchy :(
Andrew gets nebulizer treatment too since his lung function isnt as good as it should be. And we thought it was a "good" allergy day. Apparently he's been worse off than I thought. Get inhaler for that.
Additional higher sensitivity allergy testing on arm. That one hurt more.

11:30 Done at doctor's office. Andrew would rather go out to lunch than eat cafeteria food back at school. DUH. Call my mom to meet her for lunch.

12pm We meet at Rudino's and the three of us share a pizza. Yum.

1pm Take Andrew back to school. I stay at school because at 1:30 Tracy is doing a little play.

1:30pm Watched Tracy's play. It was basically just a little reading of a play with the kids sitting in a row. It was still very cute. Tracy's character was a hummingbird. There were also butterflies, bees, flowers, etc. It was about flowers and pollination and stuff.

1:50 Her play ends, I sign to Tracy that I need to go as the second play begins, so glad she was in the first one. I literally RUN out of the school and get in my car.

1:50-2pm Drive like a bat out of hell to get to Loren's school to pick her up at 2.
2pm pick Loren up from her school, head home.

2:30-3:40 Chill at home. Clean up kitchen and dishes from fruit trifle making and kids breakfast that I hadnt picked up. Talk to Mike on phone for a while, talk about Andrew's doc appt.

3:50 Pick up Andrew and Tracy from school where they had stayed an extra hour for their Abrakadoodle art class.

4pm-6pm It's a beautiful day so we decide to play outside in the driveway. Andrew is playing with a board he found and makes a teeter totter out of it and the kids play on it. They were cracking me up.


The board didnt break when the girls started lifting up their feet, though it did flex some :)

5pm I realize I'd rather go to the baseball game tomorrow night than the Zach play we had tix for so I call the theater and move our play tickets to next week.

Feed the dog.

6:30 Head to Chick-fil-A for Hope Children's Center (Loren's MWF preschool) fundraiser night. Find there are 920348230498 people there. Good for school fundraiser! Bad for getting food. The kids run off and play. I chat with friends and then go hang out in line and luckily my good friend Tom got in line with me so we could chat and it was fun not miserable. An hour later we have food, yay! We gobble our chicken and then the kids want ice cream. Of course. (luckily no hour line by then)


8pm Should be home getting kids ready for bed but they are hopped up on ice cream so I let them play on the playscape a little while, then eventually head home. Actually had fun even though it was insane crowded.

8:30 Just outside Chick-fil-A parking lot we all laugh hysterically at this Limo we see.
We know how to make Limousines in Texas!!! Heck yeah.

9-10pm Tell kids to get ready for bed, put finishing touches on homework, do their reading, then brush teeth and get to bed.

9:20 While kids getting ready for bed I throw a load of dirty clothes in the washer. I grab some clean clothes and carry them up to my room and discover some sort of diarrhea on the carpet. YAY!! NOT. From the dog probably? Curious if she had upset tummy this morning causing early wake up. Seems totally fine now. Anyhow. I toss clean clothes on bed and clean up carpet. blech. Try not to gag.

9:30 Notice cat pee smell in Loren's room. (My fault I let Smokie out) I find the thing that has it on it and add toss it in the clothes washer. No biggie, just a spot.

10pm Kids are all asleep. Yay!

10:01 Notice I started my period. Hurmph. Take care of that. Yeah TMI. Get over it.

10:15 Put dishes away from dishwasher I loaded this afternoon.

10:30 Wanting quiet, I sit and blog about my day. There are still clean clothes upstairs I need to put away.

11:15 Sit here and wonder what time it was Mike said he'd be home from California. Was it midnight?

11:16 Wonder what my tri-training workout was supposed to be today. I didnt even check the calendar. Make mental note to run/bike/swim tomorrow.

11:20 Post this and go upstairs to put clothes away and veg in bed.
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