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On saturday the family took to dog down to Zilker Park for the annual picnic of Gold Ribbon Rescue, the local Golden Retriever rescue group. They invite anyone who has worked with them, fostered dogs, adopted dogs, etc through the organization to all bring their dogs and come on out for a fun barbeque. It was a great time! It's fun seeing close to a hundred Goldens all in one place. I just think they are the loveliest dogs ever.

India got to see her sister and her foster mom and dad and they were glad to see a happy and healthy India!

India girl!

India with her sister.

Yay to all the awesome people at GRR who help give these dogs better lives!


There were Goldens everywhere!  I dont have a good picture that shows the total number, but this give you an idea of what it was like there.

The funniest dog face ever!
IMG_7371.JPG copy

More pics at my Flickr!

At the end of the picnic they took a big group photo with all the dogs there.  I didnt take one but they'll post them on their site pretty soon so we can see them.  It really was lots of fun just having so many of the dogs there and seeing how many people have adopted these wonderful dogs that needed good homes!

Uhm, yeah, I need to make a dog icon.
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