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Mar. 28th, 2009 01:10 am (UTC)
Baseballs falling from the sky!
Hey Bec! Yes indeed! Your Dad told me about the large hail you had and that both of your cars were toast. And, about the sky lite damage. Wow! Where is your garage when you really need it? Are your cars repairable or will you have to new ones? Does your car insurance cover damages such as baseball sized hail? Hope so. Did you take pictues? Amazing! Here we are in Michigan and no snow now and in the 40-50's and down south as in way down south are huge hail rocks and big snow in Amarillo. Go figure eh? So much for the global warming thing. Getting too hot in the wrong places in the world. Your staycation as your Dad put it, vacation at home. Loved your pictures and looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Good job Mama Mia Bec. Love the chef hats! Take care. Love you guys! Terri
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