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Spring break Friday Fiesta Texas

Friday Teri and I took our kids down to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Mindy and her family were there too so we hooked up with them for part of the day. It was a beautiful day, the amusement park was the most crowded I have ever seen, but we had a good time anyway. There were crazy lines for all the big rides (we're talking 1-2 hours per ride) so we only did a few, but there were manageable lines for some of the smaller rides and kiddie rides.

Loren piloting a Wiggles airplane.

The kiddie area in the foreground and some of the main rides off in the background.

Tracy and Loren riding horses Yeehaw!

Loren and I getting ready for the kiddie coaster.

Loren LOVING the kiddie coaster.   She did NOT want to get off when the ride was over.

Tracy and Loren on the apple ride.

Tracy, Andrew, and Travis on the swinger.   Tracy in the pink shirt, Andrew center of photo (only his legs are really visible), Travis far right light blue shirt.

Tracy, Andrew, Travis on swinger.   Andrew at very top.  Travis down and to the right of him, Tracy down and to the left of him.  They all love this ride.

We did the kiddie coaster once more before the park closed.

Loren excited to ride the kiddie coaster again.


After we got home and put the kids to bed Mike and I watched the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. They did a really great job, it was a great finale to an incredible series.
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