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Tracy's First Day back

Today was Tracy's first day back to preschool. She has been going to the same preschool for two years and this is the start of her third year. She really likes the school but for the first two years, nearly every day that I dropped her off I had to pry her out of my arms and her teacher had to come over and lead her away. She just didnt like the transition of being dropped off. She would get over it after a few minutes and have a great day, but it was still hard sometimes when I couldnt ever just drop her off in the classroom without help.

I was prepared for anything today. She's been with me all summer and Andrew is off at the elementary school, not the same school as her anymore and I didnt know if any of those things would make it worse.

I ride her up to the school and we get out and go to her classroom. We hang up her backpack and find her a seat at the table where there's a puzzle to do. I tell her that I am going to go and that I'll pick her up later. She says "OK." and turns towards the puzzle. I give her a hug and kiss and walk out the door. I have to say for all the things I was prepared for, this was the one I was least prepared for :) I hope that it wasnt just a fluke thing and that she will be this easy the rest of the year. I think Tracy may just be pulling out of her social anxiety phase. Yay!

Obligatory first day of school pic:


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