dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Monday Ducks

My dad's brother is down visiting my parents from Michigan so we wanted to do some Austin tourist stuff with him. On monday we headed downtown to ride the Austin Ducks or as Loren calls them, the magic buses, because they can turn into boats! They take you on a sightseeing tour downtown in Austin before splashing into Lake Austin and boating around for a while and then heading back to the Visitor's Center. They also give everyone these quacking whistles to blow at people you drive by. It's hilarious.

Mike and Tracy

Loren and I quacking at each other

Close up self portrait

Loren and I after the bus headed into Lake Austin.

My mom and Andrew

Loren likes to look down at the water

The front of a Duck

Walking downtown back to our car.
Tags: andrew, austin, ducks, loren, tracy

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