dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Spring Break! First weekend.

Yay, it's spring break! Love having time to just play around.

The kids got out of school friday and we headed over with some friends to Extreme Fun, a bounce house, foam pit play place. Our friend Mindy had gotten tickets at the school auction and invited us and other friends to all meet up there to play as a start to spring break. All the kids had a great time running, bouncing, sliding, jumping and generally being crazy. After it closed none of us wanted to go home so we grabbed whichever husbands were free and all headed out to dinner. There were 5 families and we all sat at one big table at Marie Calendars and had some dinner. It was kids eat free night so it was a bargain with half our table being kids. It was a great time, we had all the kids at one end and all the adults at the other end and we each had our own little party! It was a ton of fun. I am sure that the rest of the restaurant patrons were happy when we left ;)

Saturday was kind of a cold dreary day. I got up in the morning to go to TaeKwonDo while the rest of the family slept in late. I enjoyed regular class plus working with escrima sticks in elite class. After I got home we packed up the family and went out to lunch and then went and did some shopping and errands. In the evening we just hung out and relaxed and cleaned a little bit of the house.

Sunday we threw a party for a bunch of neighborhood friends. It was a few of the same families from friday night plus a few others. My parents, my mom's sister, my dad's brother, and Mike's parents also came over to party! There's honestly nothing that makes me happier in this world than simply hanging out with my friends and family. We lucked out with the weather in that right when the party started it dried out and warmed up some so we were able to be outside a lot. It was still a little chilly so we hung out around out outdoor firepit and our new patio heater. We cooked up some burgers/dogs/sausages, roasted marshmallows and all enjoyed some beverages throughout the evening. We wrapped up the night with some Rock Band playing and card games inside. I had so much fun I am thinking about having another party this weekend!

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