dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

I've got a FEVER, and it needs more cowbell. I mean CHOCOLATE!

Today the first graders at my kids elementary school all came down with CHOCOLATE FEVER!!!!
This had been a tradition for many years there and the kids love it. It's a special day around Valentine's day where all the first grade kids get chocolate fever and come to school in their pajamas and have brown spots on them! Instead of having a Valentine's day party at the end of the day they do chocolate fever stuff all day. They write their own chocolate fever story, do math with chocolate, and all sorts of activities. Tracy has been looking forward to it for a while and was so excited this morning!!


India thought the marker was real chocolate and wanted to lick it off Tracy's face.

My photo editor doesnt have a "yellow eye reduction" for the dog.
Tags: india, tracy

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