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Polly want a cracker?

I was out jogging today in my neighborhood. Suddenly I hear a funny squawking sound. I'm looking around in the trees for a bird but I dont see anything but some ordinary grackles, finches, etc. This we definitely not a squawk from an ordinary bird. Then a few seconds later I hear, "Hello! Hello!" Now I am completely puzzled.

That's when I see the parrot on the porch of the house I am running by. I start cracking up and go over to visit the bird. He's just sitting on the railing talking to people as they go by, "Hello!" I was starting to wonder if he lives there or is lost. I say hello back to him and a minute later a sweet little old lady comes out the front door, says hello to me and hands the bird a piece of her bread. I smile and wave and continue on my run.

It made me smile.