dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Weekend recap

By the weekend everyone was pretty much all recovered from sickness so it was nice and relaxing and we played in the backyard a lot and just hung out and relaxed. Saturday we went out to lunch with my parents and my aunt and uncle at Chuy's. We sat outside and had a great time but there were some grackles in the tree above us that kept dropping "gifts" on our table, the first landing right in my salsa bowl. Despite the eeeeew factor, it was actually quite hilarious and we were all cracking up.

Sunday Mike had to leave early to fly to Boston for a doctor's appointment so the kids and I got up and headed to McDonalds for a late breakfast and to Target for a few essentials we needed after being trapped in the house all week. I took Tracy and her friend Caroline to a girl scout event for World Thinking day. We came home and finished up backlogged makeup homework.

It was about time for the kids to head to bed when Andrew suddenly was overwhelmed by a massive violent allergy attack. Continuous sneezing, eyes puffing up, lungs closing up, misery. I get him a benadryl and then hear the dog squealing from outside and I knew what had happened. I run outside and hose off the dog's head to get the bulk of the skunk spray off of her eyes and face. I can't tell how bad she's been hit but I go back inside to take care of Andrew. I get him in the hot shower to try and get rid of whatever triggered his attack and then herd the two girls to bed. Andrew gets out of the shower and still can't breathe. Some nasal astelin to try and stem the attack and a shot of albuterol to open back up his lungs and at least it seems he'll live so I herd him to bed. I go grab the whining dog from outside and drag her into the shower. Luckily she did not have a bad shot of skunk spray at all just a bit, probably mist. I gave her a full bath which she was much more tolerant of than Mikey used to be. Her eyes seem to be okay now and she calms down.

Finally it seemed the storm was over and I was just chilling. Loren gets up out of bed because she can't fall asleep due to her completely hosed up sleep schedule from being sick for a week, so I give in and take her to my room and we lay down in bed where I read and she falls asleep. Eventually I join her.

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