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On January 25th we picked up our new doggie!
Her name is India. Yes she looks a lot like our old dog. We got her from Gold Ribbon Rescue. She is a 2.5 year old Golden retriever who is small for a golden, only around 45-50 lbs or so.

She loves the kids and the kids love her. She seems to love all people especially children. She was not bothered at all when I walked up to pick up the kids from school with her and lots of kids came over to pet her. She was happy to get the attention. She likes to lick everyone. I am going to work on that a little because it can be excessive :) She likes to snuggle with us and likes to sleep with someone if we let her. She gets me up on time when I need to get up (my alarm wakes her) but doesnt wake me up if I want to sleep in. She didnt get us up at 6 on the weekend or anything. She carries things around the house but so far hasnt chewed anything but her own stuff. She does need some training due to the neglectful situation she was rescued from, but aside from that which we expected, she has been a great doggie so far.



More Photos here!
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