dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Loren's party

Loren's 4th birthday is coming up on tuesday and I didnt throw her a birthday party but I wanted to take her to do something fun so on friday we all picked her up at school and took her to Chuck E Cheese to play. I wanted to go at a time when they werent crowded so we didnt really want to go on the weekend. It worked out great. Mike took a couple hours off to join us which worked out since he had to work from 5-8 anyway he didnt mind a mid day break. The place was pretty empty and Loren had fun.

It only took us three tries to get all their faces in frame on the "Chuck E Sketch" booth.

Crazy driver! Stay off the sidewalk!

Air hockey Champ! She scored on me first.

Clifford has a barking horn!

Wow, huge 4x4!

Tracy and Loren doing some wild coaster riding. Loren was going "weeeeeeee!" She loved it.

Apparently Loren is having a serious conversation with Chuck.
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