dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Tired kiddo.

Andrew and Tracy had friday off school for an end of semester teacher work day. Thursday night we got invited over to Mindy and Joe's to play and we stayed for dinner and some game playing while the kiddos played. It was a fun night. They are such awesome people and their kids are so sweet. The kids all get along great. We stayed out way past the kids' bedtime and then headed home where Andrew crashed right away.

Friday evening I dropped Andrew off at his friend Travis's house for a sleepover birthday party. He had a great time and they were all still playing and having a blast when we picked him up at 11am this morning. Though when we picked him up he was SO tired. We were going to go grab some lunch out but ended up just grabbing some chicken to bring home at the Chickfila drivethru because Andrew was falling asleep in the car. He came home ate a few nuggets and went to bed. He's been asleep for a while now.

I think we officially partied out our little 9 year old.
Tags: andrew

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