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Summer in December

We met some friends at the park today and played for a few hours. It was sunny and gorgeous out and got up to around 73 degrees. Nice and warm.

Andrew brought his two biggerthanheis Nerf guns to play with. They actually come apart and so he had four guns which worked out well so the big kids could all play.

Loren loves to swing. She is learning to "pump" and is very close to getting it. That is one of my favorite kid accomplishments so I dont have to push them. Yeah, I'm lazy I admit it.

Tracy loves monkeying around. The monkey bars on this playscape are all funky.


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Dec. 31st, 2008 02:08 am (UTC)
We had really warm weather here too. I think we got up to 75 degrees. Sam got the same Nerf gun for Christmas! We should have gotten more darts, we have lost some already. The cats didn't help with that....I found some in the cat den.

The cold front is supposed to be coming. Ugh, the roller coaster weather is such a pain!
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