dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Christmas night

After hanging out with our kiddos Christmas day we dropped them off at Grandma Jean and Grandpa Rogers house for the night.  Mike and I headed downtown for some couple time on Christmas evening.

We went down to the Saxon Pub on Lamar for a show of Monte Montgomery with his band.  He had a show at 8pm and another show at 11pm.  We got there really early, around 6:45 or so and sat in the very front seats in front of the stage.  We hung out and talked and had a few beers and then Monte came on.  He had David Piggot on bass and Phil Bass on drums.   He totally rocked.  It felt like my own personal concert just for me since I was sitting right in front of him and couldnt really see anyone else in the audience.  It was just so awesome.  I just stare at his fingers and swear they are superhuman.  He played lots of my old favorites and some cool newer tunes.  We were having so much fun that when the 8pm show ended we decided to stay for the 11pm show.   We hung out and had another beer and watched that show too.  Monte does such a good job working with both Phil and Dave doing new or improv stuff and still all sounding great together and feeding off each other.  It was just such an amazing show and a wonderful night to be out with my husband getting to spend time together.

Monte looks pretty cool with his hair all growing out long.  It was kind of getting in his face at first so he put on his hat which was a cool brown derby looking hat.  I liked it.  I want one.

Tags: christmas, monte

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