dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Christmas morning

Christmas morning involved much spoiling of the children.  It was so much fun listening to the kids open their stocking and play with the stuff in them while Mike and I stayed in bed.  Eventually we got up and meandered downstairs so the kids could open their presents.

The kids were crazy thrilled.

You would not believe what Mike and I got the kids.   Yes, we know it's very ridiculous.  After months and months of the kids borrowing mom's iPhone and mom never being able to use it we decided to get the kids iPod touches for Christmas.  (basically an iPhone without the phone)  We couldnt just get one because they all love to use them so we got them each one.  They play video games on them, watch movies on them, listen to music with them and all sorts of things like that.  They'll be great for car trips and plane trips and other times they need still entertainment and we wont have to bring portable DVD players plus leapsters and nintendos and all that if we dont want too.

Andrew got his open first and knew what it was.  *freakout!*

Tracy and Loren still opening theirs

Oh hey!  Yeah!  I want that!!

Loren loved her Care Bear movies from Aunt Kate and Uncle Dave and kiddos.

Tracy got Holly Hobbie! 

Andrew got a slider or "unscooter" from Santa this year.   It's a modified scooter that you pump with your legs instead of scooting.  Check out what one is here.

Yes.  All very ridiculous!   But we had so much fun and had a wonderful Christmas and are so happy and blessed and the kids have been so good this year it was so fun to get them something really special and unexpected.


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