dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve over at Mike's mom's house with the whole Austin area gang.
Mike's mom and dad, my mom and dad, Tony and Priscilla, Travis and Marisa, Mike and I and our kids, and guests Mike and Amy and their kids. It was very nice, relaxing and fun. We had typical yummy holiday fare of ham and all the fixins. It was a beautiful warm day out so we even got to play outside for a bit too.

There were lots of presents!!!

We hung out outside while it was warm.


We opened presents.  This is me opening a pretty sweater.

Andrew scored some sweet armaments.  Look out!

I didnt even know Play-doh CAME in 24 colors!

Tracy's birdhouse made by Gramma Dottie!

Mike's mom gave something like 10 birdhouses that she made to everyone at the gathering.  They are really cool, but it was hilarious because every time someone had a big printer paper box we were all "I wonder what that could be???"

Porkchop wasnt too thrilled to be a reindeer :)

Tags: christmas
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