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I'm a bit behind on posting but I wanted to catch up on a few highlights in December.
On December 18th Tracy tested for her black belt in TaeKwonDo.
She's been training in TKD since she was 4 years old.
At the test she had to perform 4 TKD patterns or forms-- Do-San, Yul-Gok, Choong-Moo, and Kwang-Gae. That's a LOT to remember for a just barely 7 year old.  She had to break a board and then spar against first one, then two, then three black belts at once.
All of these things are a struggle for Tracy since she is very timid.
We are very proud of how far she has come!!

Board Break

Tracy getting creamed in her 1 on 3 fight.   She did her best against 3 people all 2-3 times her size.  You don't have to win, you just have to get out there and do your best to earn your belt.

Yay!  My little black belt!

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