dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Weekend and wedding

After Thanksgiving our weekend turned into a crazy whirlwind! Friday we had the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner for Mike's brother's wedding. We stayed at the dinner down at Mangia's until nearly midnite visiting with long lost friends and relatives who came in for the wedding.

Saturday was the wedding extravaganza! It was just amazing how much work Tony and Priscilla put into the wedding and reception. Loren was a flower girl in the wedding and did the processional just fine but then fell asleep during the ceremony and I couldnt get her to wake up for the recessional, but hey, at least she wasnt fussing the whole time. The ceremony and reception lasted all afternoon and evening with a really interesting mix of American and Indian Catholic traditions and it all was a lot of fun. One of the most hilarious things at the reception was they had a photobooth and a bunch of silly costume props. You could go in and have picture strips made whenever you wanted and be super silly. It printed two copies of the strips and you kept one and glued one on scrapbook paper for Tony and Pressy. They had a great time looking at all the hilarious pics of their friends. We had a great time partying with friends and dancing and all that. At the reception there was a drink bar and a candy bar so my kids were all wired from stuffing themselves at the candy bar and I was really trashed from being overserved at the drink bar. I got so trashed in fact that I pretty much lost sunday to being curled up in a ball hoping the world would stop spinning. Man, I can't drink like I used to!!

Luckily by Sunday evening I was feeling mostly better, and we had another big party over at Mike's mom's house to hang out with all the gang plus all the people still here from out of town. It was great to see everyone again before people headed home. There were so many people there who are all just really good friends and really sincerely enjoy each other and love each other and it made me happy to be there and celebrate again.

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