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Home from a relaxing day with the family enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving fare.

There is really no way to list all the things I am thankful for. It would take pages and pages. I mean, even on my worst days, what I have is more than what many people only dream of having. Of course, I am thankful for all the "things" I have, from the roof over my head to the computer I am typing this on, but when I think about being thankful that's not what immediately comes into my head. The first and overwhelming thing I think of is the people in my life.

From the very children who I brought into this world, to the man to joined with me to create this miracle, to our siblings, our parents, our grandparents, our aunts, uncles cousins. From the friends I've had since childhood to the friends who carried me through the transition to motherhood, to the friends I see up at the school, the close friends and the friends I would like to know better, even friends I haven't met yet. Some of you I see everyday, some I only see once a year, and some only once a decade or less, even some I've never met in person, I am thankful for you.

It is you. All of you that I am thankful for. I am more because of you.

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving and has as much to be thankful for in their lives.

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