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A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Sunday was a gorgeous day out. It started out a tad chilly and then warmed right up into a beautiful calm sunny day. The kids and I spent almost all day at the park.

It was a beautiful day out.

There was tree climbing.

I took tons of pictures.  They are up at my flickr.   But I still posted a bunch here to tell my stories :)

Andrew wanted to test out his new RC helicopter he got so we did that first. The first flight went great. He did a bnch more flights and they all went really well. We need to tweak it a little bit as the body often is rotating without telling it to but that'll take a little calibration, it still flew really well.

One time it flew SO high. It was so tiny up in the blue sky. It got in a little wind and started heading out over a section of forest. Andrew lowered it down but it was already over the edge of the forest. He didnt want to drop it since it would land in a tree in the woods. He kept trying to get it to head back towards him but it was way over the trees and heading farther and farther away from him and deeper and deeper over the forest. Finally it lost RC contact and plummeted into the woods. We all took off and headed straight in the direction we thought it had landed. Andrew was practically in tears by this time about losing his beloved helicopter. We ran through the woods about as deep as we thought it had gone. We couldnt see anything, it seemed hopeless. Then I had everyone be silent and told Andrew tweak the controls for just a second. We HEARD it! It made a clicking sound. We ran towards the sound and he tweaked the controls again. That time we heard a click and then a crash. Then it didnt make any more sounds but at least we had an idea where it was.  We ran towards the sound and then Andrew found the helicopter on the ground in perfect condition! Hooray! We headed back to the ball fields for a few more flights before the battery started puttering out and needed a recharge.

After that we played basketball for a while. Andrew and I played a heated one on one game after the girls had given up at shooting hoops with us. They arent quite big enough to get the ball up to the hoop yet. It was fun.

Andrew was playing with the water fountain and was making it spray water on the ground. My girls, who cant resist playing with dirt and mud made a little earthen dam to block the water running down the sidewalk. It was funny.

It was a good day for picture taking.  (the Andrew pic in the last birthday post was from here)

After snack and general running and playing we headed out for a hike in the woods. (this time for fun!)

We stopped at our favorite rock bench along the trail.

More hiking.  It was such a beautiful day.

Andrew and Tracy spent most of the hike fighting off imaginary foes hiding in the woods.  It was cracking me up and was so cute.

More imaginary foes to attack!!

Time to head home.

I couldnt believe HOW FAR we hiked and the kids were all having fun and no one complained.  It was a great hike and great exercise and we figured out some new parts of the trail we hadnt been on yet.  Yay!!

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