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Good morning.

Oh my goodness.  It it 6:30am.  On a saturday.  I am awake.  No one else is.  Hell has surely frozen over.

I am a late sleeper.  My whole family is a bunch of late sleepers.  After one week of getting up everyday at 6:15 to take Andrew to elementary school and this morning I popped awake at 6:15 with no alarm.  I lay there telling myself, "ahhh, no school today, go back to sleep, sweet."  Then 15 minutes later I was still lying there telling myself, "ahhh, no school today, go back to sleep, sweet."  Then five minutes later I thought, "...shit." 

And here I am.  I suppose I should use this time to actually get something productive done.  The weird part is I still feel kind of sleepy, but it's just not happening. 

Another note: I had to consult multiple websites to check the grammar of this posting. I originally had everything wrong before consulting these pages:
Lay or Lie?   and   Lie vs Lay    English can be pretty screwy sometimes.  I mean the word you need is lie not lay but the past tense of lie is lay.   beh.


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