dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnn! part 3

Thursday night before Halloween there was a Talent Show up at the kids elementary school put on by the teachers to raise the last bit of money the kids needed for their charity drive to build a preschool in Sri Lanka. The kids were supposed to all wear their costumes up to the show. I knew there wouldnt be any other adults wearing costumes but since our costume was a family costume Mike and I wore ours anyway. It was a blast all going in together. The show was hilarious. The kids loved seeing their teachers up on stage dressed silly and acting silly. At the end of the talent show about 40 or so teachers did the entire Thriller dance in full zombie costume. That's a lot of choreography to learn, they did a great job and looked great. What a fun group!
Tags: halloween
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