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Maker Faire

On Saturday we went to MakerFaire.  The whole family has been just jonesing to go ever since we went last year.  It was a total blast.  I find it just such an inspiring place.  Everyone is so happy and having fun and so positive about everything.   I love to see so many motivated, creative people just building and creating something because they can.   Geeks, artists, tinkerers, crazy people, all just showing off their goofy, grand, great creations!  Some of the stuff is so useful and practical, and some of the stuff is completely weird, and some just jaw dropping.

The funniest thing was that I am a huge dork of a Dr Who fangirl and when we walked into the arena where the big singing tesla coils are it was playing the Dr Who theme song.  Dude, makerfaire, tesla coils and drwho, it was the geek trifecta!

I posted a bunch of geeky videos and photos here... at my flickr.