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Long weekend and little accident

Andrew and Tracy have a 4.5 day weekend this weekend. They had early release thursday and no school friday or monday. Their school district paired teacher workdays on fridays with some of those random monday holidays, like Colombus day to make four day weekends. I think that's a lot more fun than having some random tuesday off for a teacher workday. I had thought about planning some little vacation but never really got a chance to so we are just enjoying playing and relaxing.

After the early release yesterday Tracy went home with her friend Sarah and Andrew went home with his friend Travis to play for the afternoon. They both had a lot of fun. The kids want to go play with their friends all the time but sometimes between homework and sports and activities it's just hard to fit it in. They both got to play for a long time before I picked them up and took Tracy to taekwondo where Mike picked up Andrew and took him to baseball. Mike got Andrew to baseball and then I picked him up because Mike had some friends in town he wanted to give plane rides to. The kids and I took the lazy way out and got Sonic for dinner.

Today we met a bunch of friends at the park to play. We all played some baseball together which was hilarious and fun. Barb and I were in the outfield with the boys hitting so we had to run a lot and they kept stealing bases which is totally not fair when you only have two people in the outfield, but we were just cracking up and having fun. Later the boys just ran around and played while I talked with my friends and then we decided to play some more baseball.

*warning some graphic yuk stuff* Andrew and Tracy and I decided just to play catch. Tracy missed a catch of a fairly slow throw and it caught her in the nose. Holy cow, her nose turned into an instant blood faucet, just pouring out. We checked out her nose and it hadn't been hit really hard and wasnt broken or anything, somehow it just caught it wrong and must have hit a blood vessel, but at first I was kind of figuring in my head if we needed to run her to the doctor because I just had never seen a nose bleeding that fast. We put pressure on it/pinched it and kind of held her head and after a few mouthfuls of blood it finally slowed and eventually stopped completely. I gave her a little ice and some advil and she seemed to be doing fine. Of course this happened right when I needed to go get Loren from preschool, so I left Tracy with my friends and ran and got Loren and came back. By the time I got back she was smiling and talking and acting completely normal. Man, she is a trooper. After spending most of the day at the park Andrew and the boys wanted to keep playing so they all went to one of his friend's houses to jump on his trampoline. I am home with the girls now just chillin and playing. Tracy is totally fine and even sneezed earlier and it didnt cause any problem so I think she's out of the water.

Tomorrow we have Andrew's baseball game in the afternoon and a family coming over for a backyard dinner/hangout in the evening. Sunday we dont have much but some birthday party Loren is going to. Monday we'll hopefully play with more friends and monday evening Mike is leaving for San Jose for the week. I am looking forward to the rest of the weekend. With the exception of the lovely nose explosion, we have been enjoying the beautiful weather, days off, friends, and fun!
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