dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Weekend recap

Had a fairly busy weekend. 

Friday I visited the kids up at school for lunch since it was their annual cookout day.   I came home did last minute preparation for the scout meeting,  then after school was the Daisy Scout meeting I held at the house I talked about earlier. 

Saturday we got up bright and early and headed out to Andrew's baseball game.  They didnt win, but the kids are really getting a lot better.  It's starting to look like a real baseball game out there.  Andrew walked to first and got tagged out trying to steal third.  He ran his hardest!    It was a beautiful morning too.    After the game ended I headed straight from there down to Monica's baby shower in South Austin.  The house it was at was very nice, the food was yummie, and she got tons of cute stuff.  Jose and Monica's moms were there, good to see them.  What excited grandmas :)   While I was at the baby shower Mike took Andrew and the girls to Andrew's cub scout meeting.  Andrew enjoyed it since they did the "shavings and chips" activity where they got to use a pocket knife and whittle with it.  What 8 year old doesn't want to play with a knife.  Once we all got back home we packed back in the car and headed over to Athene and Shiva's for a backyard barbeque with that gang.   They had yummy appetizers and burgers and we basically hung out on their beautiful deck and talked and ate while the gang of kids all played in the yard.  It was a fun evening.

Sunday morning I got up at 6:30 and my friend Caroline picked me up at 7 to head downtown for the Vibha Dream Mile 5K.  I am kind of out of shape, but it was a perfect morning for a run and we did a nice jog the whole way and I felt great at the finish.  It was fun just running with someone else and chatting all the time.  We were not going to break any records just something to do ;)  I came home, relaxed, showered and stuff and hung with the family.  Andrew left after lunch to go to the Texas Wildlife Expo with his friend Travis and family.  The boys had a good time there, they got to kayak and shoot a few different types of guns and stuff.   In the afternoon the rest of us went to the park and where Tracy had a big welcome back Girl Scouts activity called "Pirates and Princesses"  put on by some of the high school girl scouts.  They did a really great job of guiding all the little girls through games, crafts, skits, etc.  Tracy went as a pirate since we still have all of our costumes from last year.  She had a fun time.   We came home, then went and picked up Andrew and grabbed some dinner at Jersey Mikes.  Home, finish up last minute homework and off to bed.

Whew.  That was kind of a busy weekend.


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