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who needs fancy toys?

Tracy and Loren love mud.

We sometimes read this book called Mud Pie Annie (by Sue Buchanan and Dana Shafer) where Annie makes all sorts of delectable mud treats for her friends and neighbors.  Her parents eventually carry her dripping muddy self in the back door and make her scrub up in the bathtub.  They figure if she gets all cleaned up she'll forget about her "mud-pie" appetite.  She thinks to herself about a little verse she learned at Sunday school.

"No matter what I do in life, I'll do my very best
I'll work at it with all my heart,
and that's how I'll be blessed.
Whether I make mud pies or great dishes for a queen,
I'll put my 'all' into it, for there is no 'in between.'
As as I work with all my might  -- as everybody knows--
God sees what is in my heart,
Not the mud between my toes!"

And I believe that's true.