dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Breakfast at IHOP and the end of summer.

I woke Andrew up at 7 this morning just so getting up early for school tomorrow wouldnt be much of a shock. (We are a family of late sleepers!) We took showers and got dressed and then he said he really wanted to go out for breakfast and could we go to IHOP. Well, we were up early and didn't really have anything to do so I said sure. I figured we could do what he wanted on his last free day before starting school. We woke Tracy up and she got dressed and I toted all three kids off to IHOP. I was pleasantly surprised at how good all three kids were as I don't make it a habit of taking all three to a sit down restaurant by myself. Andrew and Tracy both just drew on their placemats until their food came and then scarfed down eggs and pancakes.

I can't believe the summer is over. In May I remember thinking about having the three kids home all the time for the whole summer and just being terrified that I was going to go insane. Well, I survived and even enjoyed the summer. I didnt really get much of anything done besides barely keeping up with general housework, but sometimes I just have to accept that as how things go sometimes with kids. It only took me 5 years to learn that, :) but accepting it I have also learned, is the secret to my contentment. I now enjoy the time with my kids more instead of always being frustrated about what I cant get done. Those projects and my career will be there when I am ready.

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