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Our downstairs half bathroom used to be bright yellow and really cramped.  It was bright yellow when we moved into the house almost 9 years ago and sort of as a joke we left it yellow and tried to work with it.  It was decorated in a sunflower theme and it didnt look -too- bad.  Anyway 9 years later I was really sick of the yellow, plus I wanted to try and make it less cramped.  So, Mike and I worked together and remodeled the bathroom top to bottom.  It's just a small half bath so it was a manageable project.

We ripped the old stuff completely out including the linoleum and sink cabinet and toilet.   We painted everything, added wainscoting on the walls, tiled the floor, replaced the toilet, and put in a new sink with only a half depth cabinet instead of a giant built in.   There is a lot more room in there now, even if Loren's stool is by the sink.  Plus no more yellow!!  Yay!  Its like a brand new room and I really like the change.

Before and after pics.

It's really hard to take pictures of such a small bathroom, so these are just a peek in the door.

Before and after.  

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