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Stolympics and the rest of Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend was busy and fun. Saturday Mike and I spent all day working on our downstairs bathroom remodeling project. We got a ton done and there are still some small things left to do, at least now it's back to a fully functional bathroom.

Sunday was a total blast. We went down to San Antonio for the Polish Olympics or "Stolympics" (from their last name Stolarski) at our good friends house. It was hilarious, they had set up a complete stolympics games for about 5 families complete with event schedules, opening ceremonies, fun competitions, and even medal ceremonies. We had a great time.  Lots of good food and drinks to insure the needed carb loading for fierce competition.

Monday we worked a little bit more on the bathroom.  I mowed the lawn in the morning since it was a foot tall.  I pruned a bunch of trees and bushes in the backyard.   Then for the afternoon and evening we headed over to the club for the Labor Day pool party. We had burgers and dogs to eat and swam with the kids and chatted with lots of neighbors and friends. We met a new couple with a daughter in Tracy's class at school that was really cool. They have a kid at Loren's preschool too so now I see them all the time. It was a perfect, relaxing, end of summer party. Mike decided he really likes the margaritas at the club ;)

Here are a bunch of pics from our Stolympics!

Passing the torch during the opening ceremonies

Water balloon toss event

This was the Wii bowling (or tennis) event.

Washers event  (a game kind of like horseshoes, but with washers)

Andrew's dramatic throw during the boloball event

The big marshmallow relay that included all players at the end.  This is Loren running all out for her team!

Mike (by the blue truck) running for his marshmallow relay team.

Medal ceremony.  I got the gold in Womens basketball shooting.  woot!  (It's important to hold your beer on the medal stand.)

Medal winners in water balloon toss

Medal winners in the middle age group swim

Closing ceremony included mandatory shots out of mini trophies for all adult participants.  Cheers!!    Great job everyone!


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