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Life ... the circle

The other night I went to put something in the attic and I saw a little rat scurry to the corner of the attic when I turned on the light.  I dont have anything against rats in general, but when they are in our attic they eat AC ducts and wiring.  So, I put my live catch animal trap up in the attic.  With a little peanut butter cracker I caught the little rascal in less than 24 hours, he was in the trap last night.  He was so cute.  The kids loved him and fed him some cheese.  It was late at night so we left him in the cage and then today we carried him to the woods and set him free.

This afternoon we were outside chasing anoles and geckos.  Andrew caught a little gecko, it was very cute.   We threw it in my lizard tank and watched my collared lizard hunt it and eat it for dinner.  It was cool.

Afterwards I was thinking to myself about saving the rat (as in I could have used a snap trap)  and feeding the gecko to the lizard.    What was that showing the kids?   I guess we respect life and the circle of life.

Check out our cute rat!

Rat-a-tat in the cage

Rat-a-tat set free in the woods


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Aug. 17th, 2008 12:27 am (UTC)
Holy smokes Bec! We sometimes get red squirrels, but a rat??? Uncle Vaughn wants to know what kind it was, he looked at the picture and thought it was a cotton rat. He said most rats are ground creatures unless there was some sort of food in your attic. He also would have like to see the gecko that Andrew caught. You know Vaughn, he loves that sort of stuff. Love, Terri
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