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When we bought our house nine years ago both the upstairs master and the half bath were painted a blinding bright yellow color.  It was so bright it made everything in the room look yellow.  We painted the upstairs bathroom right away.  The little half bath we left because in a much smaller room it wasn't quite as bad, so we made it a sunflower theme and made do.  Well, it's been 9 years now and we are sick of the yellow and it has to go. We decided to remodel the bathroom since its just a half bath and shouldnt take too much work.  We were going to get started this weekend but did not get a chance.  Mike is gone in California but I decided to get started with some ripping out and some drywall stuff this week and then he can help me this weekend.

I'm doing fine at the ripping out part!

This is what it started as....

And after I did some ripping out!

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