dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Loren just cracks me up lately.

Yesterday Loren was playing on Andrew's bunk bed. She was climbing down the ladder and slipped and fell. She landed basically flat on her back and landed on a big bag of puffy Cheetos. The bottom of the bag popped open and cheetos exploded out everywhere. I run over to check on Loren and she is fine. I said, "Hey it was a good thing that this Cheeto bag cushioned your fall!" She replied, "Yeah!! the Cheetos saved my life!!"
So you see apparently I owe chester bigtime.

Then this morning Loren and I go in to wake up Andrew for camp. He had decided to sleep on the top bed of his bunk beds last night so he was pretty high up. Loren and I are in there this morning and after a few minutes of trying to wake him I say, "Andrew GET UP and GET DRESSED!!" and Loren replies, "No, he needs to get DOWN and get dressed."
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