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Behind on the rest of the trip posting

Sunday was the end of our stay in Traverse City and we all needed to head back to my aunt and uncle's place in Dimondale.  On the trip up Uncle Gord and Aunt Terri had ridden with Mike in the plane and the kids and I rode up with my Aunt Barb or with my parents in cars.  On the way back we decided to ride with my Dad and then Aunt Terri, Aunt Barb, and my Mom rode in the plane with Mike.  Since the plane trip was going to be quicker they decided to to some sightseeing on the way.  Mike flew them to Mackinac Island where they landed, took a horse and carriage taxi (there are no cars) to a pub for lunch, got some fudge, did some sightseeing, walked back to the airport and then eventually flew back to Mason.  They all told me that Mike had shown them a fabulous and unique time and that they had lots of fun.   We picked them up from the airport and then had dinner at Gord and Barb's and started packing up to leave in the morning.

We were planning on flying out monday morning, visiting some family and friends in Ohio and Indiana on the trip home to Texas.  It's at this point where you are sitting around pondering what a perfect vacation this had been and how smoothly everything has gone.

Remind me not to think that.  That's when your best laid plans go off track!

(Some of the following posts will be friends only for those reading who dont have accounts if you want to read them you'll need one, just let me know and I'll add you.  And no worries, we are home and all fine)
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