dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

That's one big pile of sand!

Saturday morning we all met up over at my cousin Kim's house and then we headed over to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes to play in some sand.  This is an area along the coast of Lake Michigan with giant mountains of sand.  We all had fun climbing on them and running and rolling down them.

After climbing the steepest part above, we continued to the first peak.

It's fun running and racing and falling down the sandy hills.   Eric was leading this race!

Sean is catching up in this race

We hung out for a while near the peak.

The kids explored further up.

We got a family reunion picture up here, this time we didnt pick up an extra kid.  These are all ours.  There are 23 of us total.

This picture is a tradition, we have taken a picture of the 5 of us every time we get together.  In the early ones, Aunt Terri is the tallest and the four of us were little kids.   Now we're all growed up!   When did that happen?

We all decided to head back down the dune.

About half way down the hill, I couldnt resist my inner child any longer and I just took off.  Wheeeee!

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