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Great Wolf Lodge

Thursday the family all headed up to Traverse City Michigan for our Shull family reunion.  A few of the families live here but most of the rest of us are staying at a small resort here called the Great Wolf Lodge.   We arrived thursday afternoon and most of the group all went out to dinner together.  We got back to the Lodge and even though it was almost 9pm we decided to head down to the indoor water park for an hour since it didnt close until 10.  Holy smokes, this place is awesome.  We played that night and almost all day friday at the waterpark here at Great Wolf.  Most of the waterpark is indoors and includes pools, hot tubs, kids areas, slides of all sizes, and the central attraction which is a giant 50 foot tall water playscape.   Every one of is us having a BLAST here.

This place is just nuts, there are fun kids areas with interactive water activities like sprayers, cannons, buckets, pumps, etc that you can use to soak people.  There are slides for the tots and big fast slides and tube slides for everyone!    Loren went on everything, even all the big slides.  All the kids were just crazy having a blast.

One of the most hilarious things about this playscape is there is a HUGE bucket on to of it.  This bucket holds something like 1000 gallons of water.   Every 3-5 minutes when the bucket gets close to the top first the water starts hitting this warning bell and then a minute later the bucket dumps over.   i don't know the words to describe this amount of water that runs off the roof when the bucket dumps, but it's like a tidal wave.  All the kids go tearing over to the front of the structure when they hear the warning bell to stand under the waterfall and get bombarded with hundreds of gallons of water.

I am in this one

Andrew and my dad are in this one (my dad is in solid blue shorts in the middle of the pic)

Here are some of the smaller tot slides, Loren is headed down one.

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