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Tuesday - All day in DC

Tuesday we spent the whole day down in Washington DC.  We drove down to Union Station and parked there.  We got some Tourmobile tickets so we could ride the bus around and see lots of different monuments without trying to get three kids to walk miles and miles between them.  It worked out pretty well.  We went to the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Wall, toured Arlington Cemetery, and saw a bunch of other memorials from the bus but didnt actually visit like the Korean War memorial, the WWII memorial and others.  We'll probably stop at the ones we missed the next time we are back in this area.  We also skipped going up the Washington Monument which we hope to do next time.

We took the last Tourmobile out of Arlington Cemetery back to DC and decided to get off and go to the Air and Space Museum.  We had hit the annex at Dulles sunday but wanted to see some of the main one on the mall.  Not disappointing.  Such an amazing collection of things that represent monumental moments in flight and space exploration.  We were excited to see Space Ship One in it's resting perch in the front lobby of the museum.  (As some of you may recall we traveled to Mojave to watch Space Ship One's first flight into space live in person, and to now see it as part of history in our favorite museum was really neat!)  From the Wright flyer, to the Spirit of St Louis, to the Moon lander, to Space Ship One... the collection showing the progress and things we have accomplished is truly amazing.

After that museum closed, the Tourmobile was no longer running so we took the kids on a Metro subway ride back to Union Station.   The kids really enjoyed that.  We had considered taking the subway to downtown but decided on driving, so it was cool for them to get a chance to ride it at least for a bit.

I dont have all our pics downloaded from the big camera but have a few samples from my snapshot camera.

There's a reason he's on the money.

I really enjoyed going to the memorials.   I just think Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant man and the words engraved in his monument are a testament to his dedication to freedom and his desire to set up a form of government that allowed for this freedom of thought,  of life, of religion...  I really hope presidents today go stand in his memorial and read ALL the words in it and think about them and what they mean to them and to  our country.   Just one sample...

Vietnam Memorial....  always sobering.    Just the sheer number of names...

We toured Arlington Cemetery.  Yet another unbelievable place.   As far as your eyes can see,  the white stones standing at attention, those forever serving our country.

We watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and we also briefly stopped at the Kennedy grave site.
I sometimes wonder if we as a people ever will ask again what we can do for our country, lately often all I witness is people asking what the country can do for them.

Here's us waiting for Redline Glenmont in the subway station at Metro Center.  (Redline Shady Grove in background)

Space Ship One
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